Hereditary engineering try ___________ (a) to make fake genetics (b) hybridization regarding DNA of just one organism compared to that of your own other people


Hereditary engineering try ___________ (a) to make fake genetics (b) hybridization regarding DNA of just one organism compared to that of your own other people

Concern cuatro. (c) production of alcoholic beverages by using mini organisms. (d) and also make artificial limbs, diagnostic tool such as for example ECG and you may EEG, etcetera. Answer: (b) hybridization from DNA of one system compared to that of one’s someone else.

Concern 5. Check out the pursuing the statements: i. Recombinant DNA technologies are often called hereditary technology is actually a great blast of biotechnology which works with the newest manipulation of genetic product from the guy invitro ii. pBR322 ‘s the basic fake cloning vector designed in 1977 from the Boliver and you may Rodriguez out-of Elizabeth.coli plasmid. iii. Restrict nutrients end up in a category regarding minerals titled nucleases. Choose the best option concerning your above statements (a) i and you will ii (b) i and you will iii (c) ii and you will iii (d) i,ii, and you will iii Address: (d) we,ii and you will iii

Matter six. The procedure of recombinant DNA technical has the after the steps we. Amplification of one’s gene. ii. Installation from recombinant DNA to the servers cells. iii. Cutting of DNA from the a certain area having fun with a restriction chemical. iv. Separation off hereditary issue (DNA). Pick out the correct succession away from tips having recombinant DNA technical. (a) ii, iii, iv, and i (b) iv, ii, iii, and i (c) we, ii, iii and you can iv (d) iv, iii, i, and you can ii Respond to: (d) iv, iii, we, and you will ii

Concern seven. What type of one’s pursuing the palindromic feet sequences within the DNA normally be easily slashed at about the center because of the some brand of limit minerals? (a) 5? CGTTCG step three? ATCGTA5? (b) 5? GATATG step 3? CTACTA5? (c) 5? GAATTC step three? CTTAAG 5? (d) 5? CACGTA 3? CTCAGT 5? Answer: (c) 5? GAATTC step 3? CTTAAG 5?

Question twelve

Concern 8. pBR 322, BR represents (a) Plasmid Bacterial Recombination (b) Plasmid Microbial Replications (c) Plasmid Boliver and you will Rodriguez (d) Plasmid Baltimore and you can Rodriguez Address: (c) Plasmid Boliver and Rodriguez

Matter nine. And this of your own adopting the you’re made use of once the good Biosensors? (a) Electrophoresis (b) Bioreactors (c) Vectors (d) Electroporation Answer: (b) Bioreactors

(A) a b c Santa Clara CA escort service d (B) c d b a great (C) a c b d (D) c d a b Address: (D) c d a b

In which processes Ethidium Bromide is utilized? (a) Southern Blotting process (b) West Blotting techniques (c) Polymerase Strings Reaction (d) Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Address: (d) Agarose Solution Electrophoresis

Matter eleven

Assertion: Agrobacterium tumifaciens try preferred inside genetic technology due to this fact bacterium is associated with the resources nodules of the many grains and you may heart circulation harvest. Reason: An effective gene included about bacterial chromosomal genome gets immediately transported into get across in which bacterium is related. (a) Both assertion and you may need is real. However, need is the best reason out of assertion. (b) One another assertion and you can need was correct. But need isn’t the correct reasons out-of assertion. (c) Denial holds true, however, reasoning are not true. (d) Denial is incorrect, but need holds true. (e) Each other denial and you will reason was not the case. Answer: (a) Both assertion and you can cause was real. But reasoning is correct cause of assertion.

Concern thirteen. What type of one’s adopting the isn’t correct report? (a) Ti plasmid factors brand new bunchy top problem (b) Multiple cloning webpages is named Polylinker (c) Non-viral variety of transfection away from Nucleic acidic during the phone (d) Polylactic acid is a type of biodegradable and you may bioactive thermoplastic. Answer: (a) Ti plasmid reasons the new bunchy ideal condition

Matter fourteen. A diagnosis off chromosomal DNA making use of the south hybridisation techniques really does maybe not fool around with (a) Electrophoresis (b) Blotting (c) Autoradiography (d) Polymerase Chain Impulse Answer: (a) Electrophoresis

Question fifteen. An antibiotic gene for the a great vector always facilitates the decision out of (a) Skilled structure (b) Turned cells (c) Recombinant tissue (d) Nothing of your own above Address: (a) Skilled structure

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